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Music for Wind Ensemble

1) Boomba

2) Endeavor

3) Like Our Fathers Before Us

ENDEAVOR, a heroic anthem for wind ensemble, features soaring brass lines and noble harmonies evocative of classic, patriotic literature. While originally envisioned as a piece for symphonic orchestra, Michael later decided to go in a different sonic direction.

"In this work, I just wanted some more practice writing in traditional tutti textures for the wind ensemble. In my head, I sort of knew how a piece like this would sound if I had orchestrated it for orchestra, but I was curious how a wind ensemble setting would sound." - Michael Barry, ENDEAVOR Concert Notes



The music video above documents the scoring session for this piece under the direction of maestro Anthony Partner, and engineered by Adam Michalak at the Barbra Streisand Scoring Stage at Sony Pictures Studio. The musicians were contracted by Noah Gladstone and comprise the finest studio musicians in Hollywood, many of whom have played on popular film and television scores recorded in Los Angeles.

Michael Barry's most vibrant, colorful piece for wind ensemble, BOOMBA, features whimsical melodic lines and fast-paced call and response between the various ensemble textures. Michael's use of classic jazz gestures and unexpected orchestration - including a rare solo for often under-utilized Eb Clarinet - create a work that's equal parts nostalgic and fresh - warm yet electric.

"It was a very Bob Ross-like experience. At the center of the piece is a silly motif in the timpani, which sounds like someone playing bongos, as well as some quirky horn lines." - Michael Barry, BOOMBA Concert Notes

Although only his first piece for wind ensemble, LIKE OUR FATHERS BEFORE US demonstrates Michael's virtuosity for stirring melodies and timeless colors and orchestrations.

"This was my first work for concert wind ensemble, commissioned by the Usdan Center for the Performing Arts by my high school Band Teacher David Schecher. It is a reflection on how each generation steps out of the shadows of the previous one. Musically it has distinct tastes of Americana and shades of all many other composers who have inspired me through the years." - Michael Barry, LIKE OUR FATHERS BEFORE Concert Notes

Shortly after recording ENDEAVOR and BOOMBA, Michael returned to Sony Scoring Stage with engineer Adam Michalak to record yet another concert work, but this time for a striped back, more intimate group. Inspired by the folk tunes of his family's Irish heritage, Michael composed THREE IRISH DANCES for flute and harp specifically for the Hyperion Duo, comprised of harpist Charissa Barger and flutist Gina Luciani. To obtain sheet music for THREE IRISH DANCES, email Michael Barry directly at the contact page.